1 novembre 2017


PASSWORD: fur, obviously ecological, but of any color, and in any form, this is a wonderful yellow coat long coat, a fuchsia fur coat, sabot with inner fur, this is definitely the fur season , but also super fluo colors, woolen shoes decisively 90's,so I did a tour for the most famous low-cost brands, such as Zara H & M Mango Primark and many more..I started this research a few days ago .. I started from Primark, a famous English brand,
MAXI CAPPOTTI, those who wore our moms in the 70s / 80s, I bought a red, beautiful, among other things the red is the MUST color of this winter, so the red things you are better is, returning to the coat I've spent 39.90 € and it is beautiful .. there was also in dark gray and dark blue colors, but frankly red was definitely cooler, always here, with 12 € I have always bought red, a sweater with open shoulders ..
VELVES: this also like for fur this year is really trendy, a must have in all its shapes, shoes dressed up bags .. whatever you see it you like and it's velvet compel it .. and when in a few years it will pass do not throw anything out of fashion because the hairstyle is always back in fashion. In every shop I took some velvet, last piece a beautiful skirt with pleated, coated, bought from Zara and paid 29 €, I also took a velvety blue hair accessory a week, a lavender color handbag always in velvet with pearls on the pocket in front, this one bought at Pimkie for 18 €, at H & M I took the black boots 39.90 € up to the knee ..
 COLOR: Yes, I know that for many winters it rhymes with black, gray, blue night and still black, but this winter will be remembered as the most colorful winter ever, the colors MUST, are red, yellow, fuchsia , the cobalt blue, the emerald green .. so you dare dare you dare!
FUR: As I have already written about, I am the true Must of season, curly or long, solid or animal, the important thing is to have at least a piece, I have seen some nice, especially with colors like yellow, from Mango the cost it's about 89/99 € but believe me it's worth it ..

30 ottobre 2017


It's been a long time since my eighteenth birthday, it's got water under the bridges, things have happened to it, and I never thought, until Friday, maybe there might be a chance if it's too remote, that if I had celebrated, like all my peers, like my "friends" at the time .. I did not think it was useless to celebrate in those days, it was only another year that passed .. what was really special I did not know , then I realized that my family's economic situation did not allow me to be able to claim anything of what, even though they wanted to give me what they could not possibly have, I decided that I would not celebrate, so I did until I was 25, when I decided that instead of celebrating a day that reminds me that I am one year older, for three days, I leave the city so nobody can say "happy birthday"I'm not one of those fixed with age, and my biological watch I've decided I'm in charge of it, but I hate those who use those phrases of circumstances that are often used to make you feel shit..The point is another, talking to my friend at work, but if I had celebrated my 18th birthday, as did most of my peers at the time, with a mega party, drinking alcohol and so on. would something have changed in me? Many say that this way of being introverted, and wanting to see the world at all costs, in a way that does not exist, is synonymous with something I do not have ... and if I am only one who sees the world with other shades than who follows the current?Do I feel unsuitable for this too? do I have to consider that if I lived my 18 years, how did almost all of them live (that is, in the same manner as flock mode) my life would be different? Well if I ran right down to the south, to celebrate as my peers and friends of the past, my parents would be indebted to my neck, I would not have been so attached to a city I belong now, maybe I would not be able to feel home here, and instead of trying to turn Italy and the world I would be left to go down from my friends, what would be the pros and cons? Surely, I would not find myself in friendship with those who inspire most of my work.
Really our life depends on the famous <and if ..> I really hope not ..

25 ottobre 2017


a few days ago at work, she talked about the "perfect woman's curriculum" a friend of mine and colleague said that the woman must have an ad hoc curriculum in order to find her husband .. but what? are we kidding?

We are in 2017, we fight for women's rights, for gender equality.
I always thought that in a couple it is two, especially in a marriage in a coexistence, but I go on, and I think I did well to stay alone.
Going back to the curriculum this my friend said, the perfect woman must know how to iron, wash and cook, know how to do mom and look after her husband .. then turning to me asked <you what do you do?> At that moment I felt under a giant magnifying glass. If you are a woman capable of ironing and looking at the house you are sure that you will find a husband .. believe me I would have choked him, I did point out how much his speeches are sexist and masked, but trying to choke it was not worth it. I told him to do almost diplomatic what I want in life and find a man the opposite of him .. so it's offended.

the thing that most puzzles me is that people who think so are the same that they then look for other women, most of those men are distracted in women who have nothing to do with the "fireplace woman" then I wonder why? why do sexists talk and then do what? So what happens? Are women wrong in wanting to be the women in the hearth? or is it just masculine thinking to be wrong?
And then there may be more on the curriculum? kind of passions? or should a woman become servant and slave of her man without having more passions?

11 ottobre 2017


I talked about love so many times, about unmatched love, I talked about friendship .. how lucky I am to have found wonderful people, and how much I fear every day to lose those I love ..these days I have often, perhaps perhaps too much, to think back to what they could or maybe are the missed opportunities, I happened to rethink, to that I love you not to say, to that kiss not given, to that kiss denied .. and maybe even that possibility of a future other than what I'm trying to create with my hands .. I imagined myself in his place, I imagined myself, wife and mother .. and while all this frightened me before, now I wonder if I was wrong or what .. if waiting was the right thing .. if I had to go ahead one of those Saturday morning of 7 years ago ..then I go back to reality, I go back to the present and I realize that it is too late now that only an old blurred dream left ... that can not come back that that woman I could become will never exist and then never .. that I am the bipolar lunatic with an unprecedented love, with thousands of projects and dreams to be realized with a hope of a million tomorrow to realize my only true dream..


When I was 20, and I went back to work, tired and tired and tired, I took a towel, took off the big one and washed my face with soap and went to sleep .. easy? then the 30th is the magnificent 30 years old, that age where you are not too old to grow dawn .. but you are too old to go to bed without taking the make up, and without wiping your skin .. so I thought that in the last few years, in beauty products (non-cosmetic) I have spent hundreds of euros (and a few times in dollars and pounds) between facial cleansing products, wrinkles and skin patches .. and now with a minimum of experience (and thrown money) I can guarantee that the best products are few, so now I tell you what she uses like me, with shiny skin tones, the makeup mania thing to use to clean the face and cure the skin ..among the last tried, one of my favorites, one of the best is the skin and the tonic of L'oreal skin expert, rare flowers .. it cleanses the skin without leaving any residues .. after using the cleansing cream, I step the tonic , initially pinch and blush the skin, but after the effect is safe, always for facial cleansing I suggest the masks of the oreal that exfoliating to clay, that of black coal, and the green to the algae .. but also Garnier tonic and micellar water are perfect for a quick and accurate cleaning.

and as I said before, without any shame, I'm 31 years 4 months and 11 days, and for at least two years, those that seemed to everyone's say, just wrinkles of expression, are now real wrinkles .. you have your paws of hen? well I tell you I'm not a botox lover, and I confirm what the goddess Anna Magnani was saying .. I CAN NOT EXPRESS WITHOUT WORDS WITH A PLASTIC FACE .. but if the wrinkles are already visible ... let's go! It is true what the mothers say .. dressed up less than 40 years old you will have the skin of an old woman .. and considering that it is a necessity for me to makeup, so I found a compromise, not in the morning, no on free days (unless I do not have an important evening)but in any case you have to have a small helper, and here (compared to the cleansing creams) you spend a little more .. Collostar has created a very effective wrinkle cream, which costs about 30 €

but there are others, different costs, but still effective.. 

Well now sorry but I'm going to do my home-made spa session ..


10 settembre 2017


Traveling in the long and wide, knowing the world, the cultures of others, seeing the big cities, seeing the villages, knowing hundreds of people, knowing the world, and putting stamps on my passport at 31, I had to choose what I want more in life .. and I understand that in my future I see the world, I see around the world, without long ties .. you have to decide who you want to be to understand what you want .. so when I went to Greece, I looked around, and I noticed, on 10 people alone 7 are women, and not because women are hunting for more adventures than men (as many men say) but why a man traveling alone is synonymous with being defiant, so he prefers to travel in a group, but for us women is different, we do not go for adventure, we go for our freedom, we go to discover new places, stories from tell me, so I wonder who the real messed up in this case ..so have been my holidays, so I went to Greece, on the island of Kos, so I lived my summer vacation, in the spirit of fun, in the knowledge of the knowledge and also admire the after-work relax after work.Why be free to talk or talk to people, laugh at foolish jokes, make shopping, sit on a bench to hear the noise of the sea for an hour ... without having to give it to anyone .. the beautiful of traveling alone .. the boat trip, the dolphins, reading a book in the bow, waiting for the sunset on the sea.. the good thing to travel by yourself is just this .. and does not mean being defiant .. but be free.


a year ago .. at this time I was landing at #jfk I had my heart to a thousand .. arrived at the passport control I was going to go near a computer after I registered my passport, I head to the exit, still the last check. and then, the sun kissing my face, in front of me an expanse of yellow cabs, and in front of the bus that would take me to Times square .. I expect it to start, with me people from all over the world, I sit in front of the driver, a middle-aged African American, she asks me if she is my first time in NY, and I explain to her that it is my third trip, he comes home from me, tells me about the daughters and their desire to to travel and to know the world, are young dreamers just like you, he tells me. The super busy road allows you to look around, the suburban houses, the Queens bordering on almost all the super street and then ahead of us after the third bend, the world's most beautiful skyline, in the distance, the Empire, the Chrysler .. I'm at home .. my heart goes a thousand .. one of the few trips where I do not fix my cell phone, but I look at everything in detail ... we come from Queensbooro Bridge, we're in #Midtown, the heart goes to Mill. I arrived at my hotel, #millenniumplaza in front of me, a beautiful #timesquare inside and a very nice receptionist group welcomes me .. my room is on the 22nd floor .. fabulous view, time to do one shower denim t- shirt and camera, I'm 17.30, I come to the Rockefeller, #topoftherock awaits me, I pay the ticket, $ 18, and I start security check, my sorry makes sense to guards who are a tourist .. but not any one. I get to the top with the elevator .. the front doors open and me a window with a view on #empirestatebuilding a show .. I first go out on the terrace overlooking #centralpark, the view is gorgeous the heart really goes to thousand .. then I go to the other terrace .. and facing them me, Empire Chrysler Freedom Tower .. tears come down, I did it I'm here again, I'm home again .. I miss you #newYork and can not wait to go back .. #memoriesofatrip #newyorkstateofmind  

3 settembre 2017


Io sono sempre stata convinta ,  che l'anno abbia inizio a settembre e non a gennaio , perchè , dopo le vacanze si ricomincia di nuovo , si hanno dei nuovi propositi, e io che sono tornata solo ieri dalle ferie , ho iniziato a studiare per il mio nuovo look.. cosi oggi , sono andata a fare un giro nel grandissimo centro commerciale di Arese , in provincia di Milano,  a parte che è bellissimo e pieno pienissimo di negozi , di ogni genere, ma io sono andata solo per iniziare a dare un occhiata , ammetto che se non avessi avuto limiti economici  mi sarei data alla pazza gioia , ma  non ho potuto quindi ho "studiato" cercando i pezzi migliori per me , ho iniziato quindi da Pimkie , marchio che a me ha sempre stuzzicato curiosità ma non ero mai riuscita a trovare qualcosa della mia taglia , oggi sono entrata ed è stato amore a prima vista con le felpe..

e credeti ho anche trovato la taglia, mi sono guardata intorno, e ho notato come (e non solo qui) ci sia come colore predominante il rosso , mi sono piaciute molto anche le giacche in simil pelle , e i denim con stampe.
Uscita da qui,  sono passata a Zara, e gli anni 80' , con un pizzico di anni 70' sonoo tornati vivi più che mai, le giacche in pelle con le spalle larghe , le stampe , i pantaloni a vita alta, i dolcevita con la manica a tre quarti, e le stampe a floreali , tutto davvero bello.

Da H&M come al solito le collezioni sono sempre favolose, per anni ho contribuito ad aumentare il capitale del marchio facendo shopping tutte le domeniche , e anche durante avvolte, e a vedere la nuova collezione mi sono innamorata di molti pezzi , e non vedo l'ora di fare acquisti.. 

e infine , Primark , il marchio del quale mi sono innamorata a londra, durante la mia breve vacanza ad aprile 2016 , e ogni volta che ci vado, faccio follie, ma come già detto non oggi.. ma ho visto dei pezzi, che qualcuno aiuti il mio portafogli .. i kimoni, sono stati da sempre la mia passione, colorati lunghi o corti, e Primark , con questo.. esaudisce tutte le mie fantasie, inoltre i trench colorati bellissimi da indossare con i denim skinny di Primark , e le tshirt , tutte colorate tutte bellissime.. inoltre gli abiti e i pantaloni molto anni 70 , i miei preferiti, e i blazer , stupendi di tutti i colori , il mio preferito il rosso fuoco esposto all'entrata! 

e ora non mi resta che andare a fare shopping e condividere con voi i miei acquisti su instagram.



PASSWORD: fur, obviously ecological, but of any color, and in any form, this is a wonderful yellow coat long coat, a fuchsia fur coat, sabo...