12 gennaio 2015


Yesterday night another great look on red carpet of Golden Globes , Kate Hudson in Versace

My Favorite look of Golden Globes 2015

Emma Stone is so wonderful in this look by Lanvin with trouser, something different from other stars with them gown... She is my favorite of last night

6 gennaio 2015


From low cost to those that cost so much .. those less known to those signed ..
I have more makeup than a makeup artist .. I started with the Pupa, Italian brand famous for the makeup of Miss, is from year official sponsor of Miss Italy, I was 13, and my father did not want me to wear makeup, so I did it for hidden .. but no money could give me know about them from my cousin who was five years older than me.
As soon as I started working, I started my missions shopaholic, today I find myself to have a huge set of make up .. some never tried only in the end of 2014 I bought six mascara .. and in the early days of January I spent approximately 200 Euros I am mad? probably .. but mine is a real passion for shopping .. When I went on vacation in Florence, I said "Coco no shopping in these three days .." instead I entered KiKo Milan, and I spent 60 € for two eyeshadows three lipsticks and blush .. I needed it? I do not know but the clerk was so friendly ..In the first six days of this new year I came in four perfumeries, and are never out empty handed ... the last time today I bought two products to complete my collection is the first Le Vernis Chanel number 553, Blue Rebel absolutely fantastic, and then with this I have officially finished my collection of Chanel .. and having almost finished that of Chanel in September of 2014 I started to Dior, now with what I bought today already possess eight .. because I do it? because, I feel excited about the prospect of having them ..
This means being shopaholic, buy order to be happy, and not by necessity .. luckily today I decided to speak only of my mania for makeup .. because if we open that topic .. I should write a book directly ..

are increasingly convinced that Sophia Kinsella in writing the first book, Confessions of a shopaholic .. as has triggered a bomb .. because we all love shopping could "navigate underwater" but now there are many who know our "secrets "
If I never frozen my credit card in the freezer? not really but I had hidden in my closet to try to instill "forget it" three days later began the balances, and I put the cabinet upside down to find it ..


PASSWORD: fur, obviously ecological, but of any color, and in any form, this is a wonderful yellow coat long coat, a fuchsia fur coat, sabo...