31 agosto 2015


The Kardashian clan almost complete .. but also Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato Britney Spears and many others took part yesterday at the VMAs, look beautiful but also very bad .. tell me what your favorites ..

VMAs 2015: Someone stop Miley Cirus..

The VMAs, usually have more to discuss the look of the artists, for which the performance or the prizes .. remember when Lil Kim wore a dress with half boob out, was considered scandalous, had a star on the nipple, or when JLo showed up with that wonderful Versace dress with a huge front neckline .. oh censorship! But now in 2015 a little girl that I say should be interned to enable it to recover, is naked on stage live (in the states), no one says anything? I remind you that MTV is a channel below for more from girls and boys .. if it were not all exclusively made for audience might have been censored too .. I think.
Frankly to me the look of Miley Cyrus did not like, but not the nudity itself, but for the excessive vulgarity that the singer used to get away from a stereotype that now no one thinks to pull over to her .. Stop Miley is while you're in time

17 agosto 2015


Bella Thorne

Britney Spears

Emma Roberts

Gina Rodriguez

Jordin Sparks

Lea Michele

Lucy Hale

Rita Ora

Sarah Hyland

Victoria Justice


I talked about love so many times, about unmatched love, I talked about friendship .. how lucky I am to have found wonderful people, and ho...