28 dicembre 2016


there are days that I grieve on this thing .. it may be possible that there is? I have always believed in love at first sight, in love forever, but then I look around and see only people who suffer .. betrayal, tears, unions that go to hell because rather than teamwork, you end up become a team with a single captain, when I say that the man who says the phrase -in my home I command .. - it makes me laugh, it's not because I want to say that the house must command the woman, or even put in questioned his feeling of superiority, but I think in a couple, in a family, the two people who decide to live together and build something, should work on this together, and not deciding another as must move .. I do not know if one day I'll create my own family, I'll find someone with whom to share things, well I want to share everything, I want to go to the person I love and to say today we have to do the shopping, we prepare the list? and not say, here's the list go to the grocery store .. or find someone who would tell me that today we have seen dear both worked late not cook I order something to take away .. work both to run a report would do last longer; of course there are not only these problems, there is also a lack of mutual respect,I love when I have eyes for the person I love, and I wonder how it is possible, how do people get in the bed next to your partner or your partner and maybe even say I love you, after flirting with another person ..at times I really wonder how they do it ..
So I ask what love is .. because those who love, is bound to suffer? and then I ask myself why I should let me go to something that in one way or another will eventually make me suffer?

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