23 luglio 2017


Once it was said, men prefer more but they choose blondes, now we can say that men prefer curvy but they choose brainless stumps, it is practically observed. However we say we plus, we curvy, we are finally beginning to have A place in the world. Deservedly thanks to women like Ashley, who have made every bend a point of strength, every inch a weapon of sensuality. So we started to love ourselves, our stretch marks, our defects, we have made them our strengths Even though in the end curvy men, they like their breasts abundant in their generous sides ... as if they are the only qualities that a woman has, I prefer much to look at the heart of a woman, but those are details of Which no one thinks anymore .. for now we have to thank curvy women as Ashley Graham for making almost impossible impossible .. so that hundreds of world-leading articles devote articles on articles, surveys about what really is curvy, about Style differences and much more .. The true beauty is born from the figure of Botticelli's Venus, passing through Marilyn with narrow vine and generous curves, Sophia Loren, and so many more .. but as i just said , thanks to all curvy models that do this possible..

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