13 agosto 2017


I've watched a dozen times the video where, Ashley Graham curvy model, has screamed several times in the world, how much you have to love yourself, how much you have to believe in yourself, how much we have to be stronger, canons, stereotypes, The world imposes on us, "I love my body" should not be just a slogan of plus size women, but a slogan of all women, those who think they are not up to, a man, a job, a dream..Maybe she is right when she says that for years, when she was looking at the mirror, she struggled with herself to try to love what she was seeing ... and I know what she is talking about, I know how hard it may be, not accepting her reflection in the mirror .. I finally just over a year, I started to love what I am, maybe even a little smaller because I was always a size 18 but when I then exceeded this number, because my depression He had taken, the disappointments of love can bring hatred towards oneself, more than you can end up hating the other person .. Then the year 2016, for me was a bit of a turning point, I started to lose weight, (today I'm a fair size 16) to come out, and re-open my heart, making people love, what I am , And not what they want .. and the best thing to know is that they have found people who finally accept me without having to sell their souls to the devil, and these are my friends .. now I buy my clothes knowing they'll be fine. And I dare more .. without fear of the comments, because I am this, I am the girl with her legs touched, I am the girl with the cellulite that for the first time at 31 she wore shorts, I am The girl with the rolls, is the girl who maybe no one finds attractive, but when I look at that girl in the mirror I like, I like wearing those clothes, I like it when I see them with her faults, because it is true .. I love Myself, I love my body curvy and I love my way of being .. so rest of my idea, so i say thank you to Ashley Graham , For giving voice to all of us girls considered defiant by the society of the present.

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